Time series of tropical Atlantic and East Pacific GOES-12 IR imagery, every 12 hours (at 00Z and 12Z) from 10-20°N, newest on top. Updated 8am and 8pm MDT, and only during the May-November timeframe. Images courtesy of NRL-MRY. Please direct questions or comments about this page to Brian McNoldy.

To estimate the speed of a propagating feature, if it moves toward the left in subsequent frames (looking upward) at 10°/frame, that's approximately 50kts. If it takes two frames to traverse 10°, it's moving at about 25kts, etc.

      130°                  120°                  110°                  100°                  90°                   80°                   70°                    60°                   50°                  40°
      100°                  90°                    80°                   70°                   60°                    50°                   40°                    30°                   20°                   10°